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AS Bioscope


Using the Bioscope to grab a sampleEver wished you could find out what the bacteria in your Wastewater Treatment Plant were up to right now?

Well now you can, and what’s more your hand-held portable AS sampling analyser can:

  • Show you how healthy your bacteria really are, and how this compares with the last 10 times you tested your bacteria at a particular point in your plant.
  • Determine the respiration of your AS at your selected sampling points under prevailing load conditions
  • Provide you with the ability to characterise the zoning of your plant and whether it’s working as you expect it to
  • Show you how the plant is working under different loading conditions and provide the actual DO levels at the sampling points you’ve selected
  • Help you optimise your plant by indicating the critical oxygen concentration that your bacteria require to operate at their best attainable biodegradation capacity
  • Provide you with the settlement characteristics of the MLSS (SSVI) at any chosen point
  • Provide you with temperature readings too!


  • World’s first innovation in portable real-time in-situ activated sludge analysis
  • Takes the guesswork out of AS wastewater treatment as it occurs
  • Portable instrument simple enough for everyone to use
  • No laptop or computer required
  • No additives, no reagents just bacteria!


  • Light weight and portable
  • Measures actual in-tank bacterial respiration rates, DO levels, and temperature
  • Rapid plant analysis – c  5 minutes testing time
  • Check plant loading in real time
  • Check zoning characterisation
  • Check aeration optimisation


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Site/Sampling point selection is a simple two button operation
  • Simple to operate, test runs start automatically on chamber closure
  • Performs visual SVI/SSVI after completion of respiration cycle
  • Instrument is easily cleaned
  • Minimal calibration required
  • Provided with its own protective casing for ease of transport to site

For more information or if you have any further queries please call Strathkelvin on 01698 730400 or email and we will be pleased to send you further technical and pricing information so you too can gain the benefits of the Strathkelvin Instruments AS Bio-scope!

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AS Bioscope

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