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Strathkelvin Instruments/ASP-Con In-Situ

ASP-Con In-Situ

IMG_3984 Installation Locations

The ASP-Con can be installed in a number of positions within the activated sludge part of the secondary treatment process, depending upon the desired control and monitoring strategy of the WWTP, be that

  1. In the inlet or anoxic zone it can measure influent loading and act as a feed forward control sensor.
  2. In the lane itself, it can act as a very accurate controller to ensure control parameter target set points such as DO are being met correctly.  If far enough down the lane you can complete SVI measures.
  3. In the outlet sections it can measure compliance performance.

Further Benefits of the ASP-Con

  •  Remote Access
  •  Cheaper Capital and Operating Cost
  •  Significantly Increased Number of Parameters Measured (20 different parameters July 2015)
  •  More Accurate and Efficient

This is an automated system which can be remotely accessed for information gathering, maintenance, and service.  If required Strathkelvin can consult on the results being obtained from each ASP-Con and how best to meet each particular client’s requirements or targets.

The cost to the customer to automate their process is lower as the ASP-Con product measures all the variables automatically.  The need to purchase separate probes is no longer required and with all the different functions the ASP-Con blows it’s competitors out of the water on price.  Further, on-going cost savings accrue as the Self- Cleaning, Self-Calibrating functions save up to 50% of Aeration Costs as well as optimising Operator time.

 The ASP-Con Instrument Provides

Maximum Efficiency and Reduces Costs

Please take a look at our recent Webinar, where we discuss the huge benefits of ASP-Con Control.  We have 2 supporters, Paul Banfield of Veolia and Mikel Goldblatt of Solenis (at 30m in) discussing how the ASP-Con is used to optimise their energy usage, control compliance and monitor for rogue discharges.

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