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Strathkelvin Instruments/Wastewater Consultancy

Wastewater Consultancy


Strathkelvin Instruments specialise in Biological Waste Water Treatment Consultancy. We take a holistic approach to the treatment process from influent to effluent. Our capability has been honed, due to the very diverse types of sites that we have worked on, gaining specific knowledge from these very different experiences.

We consult on a very broad range of topics including plant design, optimisation, recovery from shock loading, reseeding and cultivating of bacteria, to ensuring the ultimate performance of each individual site.  The majority of our work is ensuring maximum efficiencies in treatment and aeration costs or investigating and troubleshooting issues to  pinpoint the root cause and assist with plant recovery.

Our reputation has grown rapidly across  the Wastewater Markets and we are exceptionally responsive in regards to troubleshooting for our clients.  We use our own design of monitoring and testing equipment, allowing us to provide results and solutions in a fraction of the time of alternative suppliers and consultancy agencies.

We have consulted in plants all over the world including many UK-wide, Northern Ireland, America, Spain, Portugal,USA and we cover many different sectors including Pulp & Paper, Chemical and Utilities, to name a few.

Strathkelvin Instruments provide on-site consultancy.  We are able to carry out a testing service on-site or back at our laboratory.  We are now able to remotely monitor sites 24/7 with our newly launched ASP-Con instrument.  It is the most technically advanced WWTP instrument on the market – being able to measure 16 different, important treatment parameters – from which we gain a huge amount of information from the treatment process and translate this information to be used by the plant control system to maintain optimum working conditions, compliance protection and environment control in regard to energy and plant optimisation.  Our ASP-Con instrument costing a fraction of any competitors’ instrumentation in relation to it’s unique capabilities. We have excellent PLC and automation capabilities and can either consult on these aspects with your own automation engineers or provide full Automation hardware and software capability ourselves.

We have carried out off-line studies, built pilot plants and brought these designs through from inception to completion, ensuring installation and commissioning of an exceptionally efficient and environmentally responsible solution.  Challenge our team to resolve your problems quickly and effectively !


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