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  • WWTP Automatic Covid Monitoring

    Just when we thought we couldn’t cram anything further into our ASP-Con Instrument – we added another solution to a worldwide issue. End to End Covid Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment & Between 18%-50% Aeration Reduction with Real Time Control Water

    2 Global Issues – Covid Monitoring & Energy Reduction in WWTP – Solved!

  • Game Changer for WWTP

    Click on the Link for the Whole Story Strathkelvin Environmental ASP-Con Article  

    International Environmental Technology September/October 2020 edition

  • Blog ASPTOX

     ASPTOX With the capability to measure the impact an influent will have on your own Activated Sludge Bacteria every 5-7 minutes, the ASP-Tox will give critical support and Automated Response Capability for Treatment Works, which can suffer from Influent Material

    ASP-Tox Launched June 2020

  • Aeration Energy

    “The Best Way to Control a WWTP is with Respirometry The Best Way to Control Respirometry is with an ASP-Con“ A Technical Paper on OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate) Click on Title Below OUR Technical Paper

    Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) – Optimal Indicator of Good Wastewater Treatment Control

  • Web 10 Year Cum Cash Flow

    Compliance is King … but at What Cost? For years Plant Managers sole purpose has been to ensure that their plant remains within it’s set compliance ranges, but at what cost? On one site we managed £380,000 or 26% worth

    Compliance is King But At What Cost?

  • ASP-Con

    I recently read the Ofwat Definition of Resilience “Resilience is the ability to cope with, and recover from disruption, and anticipate trends and variability in order to maintain services for people and protect the natural environment now and in the

    Resilience? AI?? WWTW???

  • scope1

    SCO2PE Strathkelvin has implemented a range of innovative services and instruments to the Wastewater Treatment Market. These have been combined together to form the SCO2PE Protocol. This Protocol has enabled Strathkelvin to deliver to each client a site specific assessment,

    Strathkelvin’s SCO2PE Process

  • Biomont

    The Energy Problem of Aerobic WWTP in the Meat Sector The optimization of energy costs in WWTPs is a pending issue in the field of wastewater treatment and accounts for more than 60% of operational costs, being today one of

    Biomont – The Energy Problem of Aerobic WWTP in the Meat Sector

  • ASP-Con on site

    Northern Ireland – Trailblazing with 11 ASP-Cons Strathkelvin Instruments have optimised 32 of  NI Water Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants.  The optimisation programme saw 14 sites optimised in 2012/2013 with a further 18 sites optimised for compliance in aeration energy optimisation

    NI Water Trailblazing -11 ASP-Cons

  • slide1new

    Kelda Water Services – Cardiff Strathkelvin achieved annual savings of £380,000, 26% energy reduction, 3.9GWh and 2994 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum for this client in relation to aeration energy optimisation. The aeration optimisation of a 16 basin SBR

    Cardiff WWTP

  • wastewater treatment plant

    Thanks to Dendra Best at Wastewater Education – She encouraged and supported us to put together this Webinar in which we discuss how our ASP-Con is used to monitor rogue discharges, reduce aeration costs by up to 50%, increase plant

    No Nonsense Guide to Wastewater Treatment

  • water storage tank

    Strathtox  “far superior environmental and effective way of dealing with aqueous waste” with a 3 month ROI, Savings Ongoing! Before the Biological Effluent Screening, it was very difficult to make confident decisions about which effluent could be safely treated at


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