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Resilience? AI?? WWTW???


I recently read the Ofwat Definition of Resilience “Resilience is the ability to cope with, and recover from disruption, and anticipate trends and variability in order to maintain services for people and protect the natural environment now and in the future”

This definition could have been written for our ASP-Con. – apart from the disruption aspect – this part could be mostly avoided.

The ASP-Con – a 20+ multi-parameter instrument that was built to specifically collate, trend and interpret all the critical WWT parameters. Further, it has added extras, and when “plant specifically” calibrated, it then performs as an AI instrument to take corrective action or flag up issues to site operators.

The ASP-Con incorporates a belt and braces approach to ensure compliance is monitored 24/7, ensuring any time a site is unmanned or operators are working on other maintenance issues, that the plant is actually being monitored. All of the data gathered can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, with company permissions.



Ideally an ASP-Con would be sited in-situ at the inlet to sense what load is coming in to the plant and linked-up to communicate with another ASP-Con on the outlet to ensure compliance is still being met – feedforward/feedback control. This capability to control the blowers can be programmed to happen automatically when linked to the SCADA or Plant Plc, ensuring software that incorporates the site specific parameters, gives the ability to control aeration pumps or switch blowers off when treatment is complete.

This instrument has been specifically designed and built by Strathkelvin Instruments to withstand the exceptionally harsh environment of Sludge Treatment. The ASP-Con has also been precision designed to stop ragging and the further complications of drifting that other sensors encounter.

Have we missed anything?

 Please let me know.

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