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Respirometry Today

Respirometry is one of the classical tools of biomedical research. It has progressed from the original methods of Winkler, via manometry (Warburg, Gilson) to polarographic oxygen electrode methods. Strathkelvin Instruments is the leading specialist in providing 21st century respirometric solutions to new areas of biomedical research.

Importance of Respirometry

Under aerobic conditions, cells use the energy metabolism pathways (glycolysis, Citric acid cycle, terminal oxidation pathway) to generate ATP. The ATP is the energy currency used in cellular work. Cellular work is principally ion and molecular pumping and biosynthesis. The rate at which cells are using energy in this way, therefore determines the rate of ATP production, and hence the rate of oxygen consumption. Respiration rate is therefore a direct measure of the rate of biosynthesis, growth and a number of other cellular functions.

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