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MT200/MT200A Respirometer Cell




  • Volume of 50µl and 100µl (MT200  glass)
  • 0.3, 0.5 or 1.0ml (MT200A glass)
  • Glass chamber with good visibility of contents
  • Transparent polycarbonate plunger
  • Substrate and inhibitors injected directly into chamber
  • Integral magnetic stirrer

Please note: – a choice has to be made whether the glass required is an MT200 or the larger MT200A, or alternatively, you can order extra glassware (one of each size) dependent on your requirements.


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For Mitochondria and Cell Suspensions

The base unit houses the fixed-speed solid-state magnetic stirrer. The rear of the unit has attachments for connecting the unit to a pumped source of constant temperature water. The SI130 microcathode oxygen electrode, which forms the floor of the respiration chamber, is inserted from below.

The chamber unit is sealed against the base unit by a threaded acetal collar. By unscrewing this the chamber unit can be removed for cleaning. The glass chamber unit comprises an outer water jacket through which constant temperature water is passed, and a central precision bore tube. The chamber is formed by the insertion of the polycarbonate plunger. This can be inserted to one of two (or three for the MT200A) different depths depending on the volume of respiration chamber required. Calibration of chamber volume is by means of a gauge piece, which is supplied.

Substrate or inhibitor can be added during the course of a respirometry run via the capillary bore in the plunger. A 1µl (MT200 glass) or 5µl (MT200A glass) syringe it supplied for this. Stainless steel spinbars are provided in order to stir the contents of the chamber.

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  • Sample chamber
    50 or 100µl (MT200 glass) 0.3, 0.5  OR
  • 1.0ml (MT200A glass)
  • Diameter
    4mm (MT200) 8mm  OR (MT200A)
  • Chamber unit
  • Plunger
  • Bore
  • Magnetic stirrer
    5 volt DC from plug-top power supply


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