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RC650 Respirometer


For small volume replicate respiration measurements of oxygen uptake by microbial and cells suspensions, mitochondria or enzyme preparations.

The respirometer comprises a sealed water bath containing six respirometer cells located above a six-position magnetic stirrer. A black acetal electrode holder, with a 5mm hole in its tip through which the membrane of the SI130 electrode protrudes, makes a sliding fit into the precision bore cell. As the holder is inserted into the preparation, the sloping face at its tip gathers the air into the slot which runs the complete length of the holder. Respiratory inhibitors or other solutions can be introduced directly into the cell via this slot, using a fine bore needle with luer fitting, which is supplied. The volume of the cell may be set between 1 and 3 ml, by rotating the knurled collar of the holder.

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  • Ability to carry out replicate experiments, utilising the advanced recording and analysis features of the Strathkelvin 929 system
  • Integral unit, complete with magnetic stirrer
  • Good visibility of cell contents
  • Variable cell volume, 1-3ml

For replicate respiration measurements of cell suspensions, microbial suspensions, mitochondria or enzyme preparations.

The water bath is fitted with 8mm stainless steel water inlets to allow connection to a pumped source of constant temperature water. The rear of the bath contains a further 6 cells which are used to park the electrode holders and maintain them at constant temperature whilst changing the contents of the respirometer cells. All cells are sealed into the water bath with ‘O’ rings, so that they can be removed, if necessary, for cleaning.

For fast reactions, i.e. those removing all of the oxygen in c 20 minutes or less, it is recommended that the electrodes are fitted with FEP membranes (which require a special electrode jacket, P/N SI035).

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  • Diameter of cells
  • Volume of cells
    1 – 3 ml (adjustable)
  • Cell
    precision bore glass
  • Electrode
    black acetal
  • Bath
    clear and black acrylic
  • Magnetic stirrer
    6-position; 12v dc from plug top power supply; fixed speed


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