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Strathkelvin Instruments/Wastewater Respirometry

Wastewater Respirometry

Our expertise is in the field of Activated Sludge Bacteria which are used to treat wastewaters.

Our instrumentation can quickly and directly measure Activated Sludge bacterial performance saving our clients time and money by determining the toxic effects of influents on your activated sludge and also the effects of optimising feeding and aeration programmes. The company has been making high quality instrumentation in the field of Respirometry since 1981 and has established an enviable reputation for quality, robustness and ease of use.

ASP-Con (Activated Sludge Plant Controller) is our newest addition to the Strathkelvin line and we believe it is set to take the Wastewater Market by storm.  Click on our ASP-Con page to look at the amazing features and capabilities.

Strathtox is a fully integrated Respirometer where all testing is quick and simple, and tests are routinely completed within 10 minutes. Easy-to-use software provides automated results and graphs allowing a wide range of personnel to make effective use of Strathtox.

AS Bioscope is one of our newer developments,  providing a portable instrument that measures the respiration rate of bacteria in the plant under the prevailing load and environmental conditions. This provides operators with a real insight into the operation of their wastewater treatment plant.

Clients such as Water Companies, Consulting Engineers, Industrial Waste Generators, Utility Operators and Academic Establishments have purchased the instrument for a wide range of applications including:

  • Toxicity management
  • Plant profiling
  • Aeration optimisation
  • Plant efficiency
  • Pilot plant monitoring
  • Tankered waste testing
  • Feed programme optimisation
  • Nitrification management
  • Audit and conformance management

Strathtox (™) is a highly flexible and robust Respirometer used for the measurement of:

  • Respiration inhibition (toxicity of influents to activated sludge)
  • Nitrification inhibition
  • Aeration efficiency
  • Sludge health monitoring
  • Critical Oxygen Point Analysis
  • Short-term BOD
  • Process optimisation testing including Nutrient optimisation and Aeration set point optimisation
  • BOD and Nitrification capacity testing

AS Bioscope is a robust multiple parameter respirometer for in-plant basin bacterial analysis and is used for:

  • Comparative analysis of bacterial respiration at single or multiple points over a number of plants
  • DO and temperature measurements
  • SVI or SSVI settlement characterisation

Working in combination these two instruments allow Plant Operators to gain the operational and financial benefits of achieving full control over their wastewater treatment operation. Many of our customers have been able to recover their investment in well under 12 months.

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AS Bioscope

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